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When choosing a property manager, you need to know your property is in the best possible hands.

At GCRP we employ specialist Property Managers, who have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the best returns on your investment. At GCRP we do not take on every property, we prefer to focus on a high standard of properties with quality & qualified tenants. Should you require advice when purchasing an investment, our hands-on Principal Chris Murphy has a wealth of knowledge on the Gold Coast rental market and is available by appointment to help you make the right decisions.

All property managers claim high occupancy rates and above-average rent. Many also talk up their incredibly low management fees and exceptional customer service. But when you ask what these things actually mean, you will soon see there is little evidence to validate the claims.

At Gold Coast Rental Properties, we like nothing more than a prospective client saying, “prove It!” When given the opportunity, our team will go over and above to ensure we not only meet these expectations but exceed them.

After more than 19 years in property management, we have it down to a fine art. It is not just something we do, it is our entire business. It is our priority.

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19 years in the industry has allowed Gold Coast Rental Properties to develop our strategies so we now have property management down to a fine art.

At GCRP we have our finger on the pulse with the very latest in online marketing and social networking. We consistently work with our landlords to optimise returns on your investment property. We constantly monitor and assess the rental market and offer split-options between our holiday, short-term and executive rental pools, this enables us to consistently achieve higher than average occupancy rates.

We offer a unique service, which includes an in-house maintenance and cleaning team to ensure that those who know your property, care for it. Highest standards, that is what we pride ourselves on at GCRP, not just our service but in our portfolio of properties and our tenants.

At GCRP we invest in marketing. We know that first impressions count, and communication is of pinnacle importance.

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